Here is my author’s page on the VALLEY Magazine website. From here you can read the articles I wrote as a part of the web editorial staff:


Here is a pdf copy of my print article for the Fall 2017 issue of VALLEY magazine about the Bahá’í religion:

Transcending the Fear of Difference


This link will lead you to my freshman year blog created for my Rhetoric and Civic Life Class:


Junior Year (Penn State) Coursework


Short Screenplay for COMM 342: Media Writing


Documentary Workbook

A Documentary Series Pitch for COMM 342: Media Writing


Sophomore Year (Penn State) Coursework

Script Camp Rushing Waters

Short Screenplay for COMM 242: Intro to Basic Filmmaking


The Effects of International Law on State Behavior

Critical Analysis Essay for PLSC 14: International Relations


Freshman Year (Penn State) Coursework

“The Unregulated Narrative Cinema and its Significance in Modern Society”

Final Paper for COMM 150H: Honors Cinema Art


“Comparing State and National Policies”

Project for PLSC 1H: Honors Intro to American Government


“The Fees We Might Not Know About – But Should”

Final Enterprise News Story for COMM 260W: Newswriting


“Child Abuse: Bringing Awareness to the Unseen”

Rhetorical Analysis Essay for CAS 137H: Honors Rhetoric and Civic Life


“Need-Based and Acceptance-Based Love in College Culture”

Interview Project/Essay for SOC 30H: Honors Sociology of the Family


Multimedia Projects:

TED Talk: Bringing Sexy Back (On TV)

Group History of a Public Controversy Project: Political Correctness

Advocacy Project: Gender Discrimination in Hollywood


Link to RCL e-Portfolio: