Rec Letters

Recommendation letters written by previous employers and professional colleagues:

Hollywood Program Evaluation Form

Ashley Randall - Creative Director, Disney Channels Worldwide

Ash was my internship supervisor at Disney, who I worked for from January 2019 - April 2019 as a part of Penn State's Hollywood Program. He filled out this evaluation form at the end of my internship.

Internship Recommendation Letter

Bellisario Fellows Program Recommendation Letter

Mike Poorman - Director of Alumni Relations, Penn State Bellisario College of Communications

Mike, a mentor of mine at Penn State, wrote these recommendation letters when I was applying to internship positions and when I was applying to be in the Bellisario Fellows program at Penn State.

College Acceptance Recommendation Letter

Jim Serum - Retired President, Scitek Ventures

I worked with Jim on our church's Associate Pastor Nominating Committee when I was in high school. He wrote this recommendation letter for me when I was applying to colleges.