Week 2 at Discovery


I’ve learned this past week more than ever that if you are given a ton of projects to do at work, the day will pass by quickly and then the week will zoom by even quicker. Though my internship with Disney was a ton of fun, there were often days that I didn’t have many pressing things to work on and the day would crawl by. But here at Discovery, I am given a bunch to do every single time I come into the office. Our digital marketing team is very small, with two women on it so pregnant that they’re about to pop, so I feel as though I’m taking the lead on a lot of tasks that wouldn’t typically be given to an intern. This makes me feel like a valued member of the team, and I love leaving the office every day knowing that I benefited the department and the company. The worst feeling would be leaving work for the day and feeling like nothing important was accomplished in the 9 hours there. Luckily, I never have that feeling at Discovery.

It’s also been very beneficial for me to work in a department that I haven’t interacted closely with in the past. I’m trying to utilize my internship experiences to discover what jobs I want to pursue after graduation in a relatively low-risk scenario; sure, if I don’t like the work that I’m doing I will have to endure it for 10 weeks or so. But at least I haven’t committed to it for a couple of years. With that being said, I am using my time here to really assess whether digital marketing is something that I want to seek a full-time job in. So far, I have really appreciated the ability to solidly contribute to the team. However, I sometimes feel like my creative muscle isn’t being flexed enough; I have always been a creative person and an idea-machine, and I don’t know if my full potential is really being reached if I am spending more time with data and numbers rather than more arbitrary but unique expressions of creativity through writing and ideas. I think it is become clearer to me that after graduation, I will pursue a career related to creative marketing. This is a way to combine my love for generating new and fresh ideas while also tapping into the forever-lucrative marketing side of the entertainment industry. I have always wanted to work in entertainment business, and I really believe this is the sector that I will thrive in.

My two weeks so far in NYC have brought me these revelations, as well as a lot of new friends and fun times. I really like my roommates and we have spent a lot of time together the past two weekends discovering new restaurants and ways to enjoy our time in such an exciting city. There is so much to do here and so much to discover, and I doubt I will be able to do even half of the things on my list before my 10 weeks here are up. Hopefully I’ll be able to secure a full time job in or near the city next year so that I can continue crossing items off that list!

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