A Lot of Work, A Lot of Free Food


Things are continuing to move at a quick pace here at Discovery, and I am getting more tasks and projects given to me on almost a daily basis. I am really getting the hang of the pace of this position, and the work that I am putting in makes me feel like a real asset to a team full of talented and driven people. Though I am still contemplating about what kind of job it is that I want to pursue after I graduate, I know for sure after three internship experiences that no matter what, I need to surround myself with inspiring people. If the people I work with are so passionate about what they do, then that passion rubs off on me and I am more motivated myself to do a great job and serve the people around me.

Though the projects this week were free-flowing and abundant, there were also many opportunities to relax, get to know other people around the office, and truly enjoy my work days! I also believe that looking forward (or at least not dreading!) coming into the office every day is something that can be found and cultivated in an environment that is both productive and conducive to periods of de-stressing and relaxation. On Monday, there was a breakfast for the entire digital team on the 11th floor of my building, so a couple of the other interns in the department and I spent the time getting to know one another and eating delicious food. On Tuesday, the smaller digital marketing team went out to lunch (a lot of this is food-based) which basically turned into a two hour pow-wow addressing everything from the TV shows we were all currently watching to how we can improve the functions and productivity of the team. A work lunch that combines work and play seems to be very beneficial – and I got some delicious free food out of it! We also had a surprise baby shower this week for two members of the team who are pregnant and due in the summer, which made me feel good knowing that the company heavily promotes a strong work/life balance. I know that someday I want to have a family, but I don’t want to compromise my career either. Finding a company that supports working mothers is something that I really want to be in search of in my future (though maybe not the near future!)

Over the weekend I had a visitor from home come to NYC and we had the best time. We went to a comedy show on Friday, went for a picnic on Governors Island and a boat cruise on Saturday, and rode bikes around Central Park on Sunday. It was a lovely weekend, and I am always in awe of how much NYC has to offer!

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