An Assortment of PSU Memories

It would be immensely difficult to summarize what the past four years have meant to me in a single blog post. It’s as if every day a new memory comes back to me, and I find myself wishing I could turn back time and relive these moments one more time. I often get really emotional thinking about these memories, but I also try to embrace the fact that I made the most of my time at Penn State, and there was nothing that I would have changed if I could go back – except maybe the way everything ended! Instead of trying to put everything into one blog, I’m just going to talk about a few moments that come to mind – some big, some small, some in-between – but each meaningful in its own way.

The Four Hour Target Run

It was one of the days right after Schreyer orientation had ended, and a big bus came to Redifer to cart students back and forth to Target to make any forgotten purchases before the school year began (this was before we had our Target downtown). A girl that I had just met and I decided to wait in this enormous line to get on the bus, and then proceed to wait in a three-hour checkout line at Target just to make a measly purchase of 5 or 6 items. On any other occasion my impatience would have made this a miserable experience, but on that day, it allowed me to get to know one of my future best friends and roommate, Natasha.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Riot in Beaver Canyon

It was freshman year, the night that Penn State football won the Big 10 championship game, and a couple of my friends and I were at my brother’s apartment celebrating the game simultaneously with an ugly sweater party. When Penn State won, we rushed to Beaver Canyon – still wearing our ugly Christmas sweaters, of course – and made sure to celebrate the win before the police came in on their horses.

Freshman Year Movin’ On

My friends and I boldly pushed to the front of the hoard of students surrounding the Movin’ On stage, and ended up front row for the main act: Two Door Cinema Club. We had the time of our lives and even the downpour we were caught in on our way back couldn’t dampen our spirits: pun intended.

A Valiant Third Place Committee Finish

One of my favorite Penn State experiences was being on the Production Committee for THON 2018. I just loved my committee members and learned so much from their creativity all year – one such situation was when we competed in the committee talent show with a rap and dance that was created so last minute. It was the cringiest thing you could imagine, but brought us together as a group and set the stage for an amazing experience with PRiSarahtops in Levi’s.

The First Night at the PLA DC Trip

To my class of PLAers – you know what I’m talking about. Tea was SPILLED.

The Walk to the Waffle Shop

One day after we were done our finals sophomore year, two of my friends and I decided to take advantage of a beautiful day and go for a walk. We had no destination in sight and no desired distance, so we just kept walking and talking all the way until the West College Waffle Shop. Never underestimate the healing powers of a long walk on a beautiful day in State College.

The ESPN Cameo

I did Nittanyville with my THON org in the beginning of junior year, and at one point ESPN was there to interview Trace McSorley and other football players. Somehow I managed to get on camera because I was standing right behind Trace when they began his interview. My mom and brother were watching from home and saw me on TV! I thought I was on screen for a total of 10 seconds, but it turned out to be multiple minutes and there may or may not be footage of me eating pretzels on screen as I am woefully unaware of the fact that it was live.

A Very Park Place Non-Denominational Holiday Party

My roommates and I threw a Christmas/Hanukkah gathering at our apartment. There was mistletoe and a lot of Mariah Carey music. Some of the funniest moments and some of the most irritating moments came from this night…it is definitely one I won’t ever forget!

The Price is Right in LA

There are so many memories that I could name from my time in Los Angeles, but one that comes straight to mind was my company’s outing to a taping of The Price is Right. It was a full day away from the office, and one of my co-workers was called up to play. If I ever need to smile I’ll look at the photo of all of my department with our big Price is Right name tags on.

Penn State Baseball Potato Sack Race

I was chosen to participate in a potato sack race during one of the breaks during a Penn State baseball game. It was a poor scene for everyone.

Jonas Brothers take Champs Part 2

I had missed the Jonas Brothers’ first visit to State College the previous spring, so when the rumor was floating that they would once again grace Champs after their concert in the following fall, I took full advantage. It may have involved hours upon hours of waiting in a mass of students, but I got closer to Joe and Nick than I ever will again and it was certainly a night to remember.

State Pattys 2020

The last hurrah before everything changed! I’m so glad to have had this time with my friends before we all left indefinitely, and I am hoping more than anything that we will all be able to see each other again sometime sooner rather than later.