Time Flies

How is it already the last week of my internship?? June 11th feels like it was just yesterday, and I can still remember how nerve-wracking and foreign it felt to be stepping onto the fifteenth floor of Paramount Plaza. I remember looking around at my group of fellow interns and wondering about the experiences we would have and the memories we would make in the upcoming weeks. It’s actually kind of funny to think back on us sitting around a conference room on that first day and recall how nervous I was to introduce myself. Now I have gone through so much with my 22 Showtime cohorts and I really feel as though I’ve made some lasting friendships.

I’ve also learned so much from working my first 40-hour week job, and these lessons cover an extremely wide range. From getting used to waking up each morning and taking the subway to work, to making sure I meet deadlines and send emails and make appointments, to forming professional relationships with established employees, I have really experienced a variety of responsibilities that have undoubtedly prepared myself for any job I may come across in my future.

I also want to report that the Intern Group Projects that I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts as being quite similar to the PLA policy papers and presentations went really well! The five groups of NYC interns presented this past Thursday in front of a conference room of around 120 and an audience of over 140 via live webcast. A lot of the Showtime “higher-ups” were in attendance, taking notes and gathering feedback. Our individual groups will receive that feedback this week, and I am very much looking forward to what they had to say. I was so impressed by the charisma and presence of each of the interns during the presentations, and I think the audience seemed very impressed by some of the ideas that we had to offer. And I have to say, I’m proud of myself too – I got my points across and spoke clearly, even though my legs were probably visibly shaking!

This last week of my internship is lighter on the work and heavier on the good-byes. I’m trying to schedule as many coffee chats as I can with Showtime employees and finish my final projects with exceptional products. My co-interns and I are planning final get-togethers outside of work, and I have to say that I’m getting really sad thinking about parting ways with many of them! Though two months seems like a short time, some very close bonds can be formed, and I will really miss them as we go off to our respective colleges.

The hardest good-bye will be the farewell I have to say to New York City. It has been incredible living here, and I feel so lucky that it was my home for the summer. I will miss my dorm, 1608 Gramercy Green, but I will always cherish the many memories that came out of it. My phone is chock full of pictures and videos from each of my NYC experiences, and I know that I will always look back at them fondly. Hopefully I will be back in the city next summer, and though I will never be able to fully imitate the summer of 2018, hopefully I can come pretty close.