By Katie Gergel


A raindrop of debris stung my eye

When I woke on the beach today

A cloud of smoke blanketed the sky

Veiling the world in a haze of gray

Silence at first, then all was unmuted:

Mechanical screams and bangs of fright

Life as I knew it undisputedly uprooted

And yet all I wanted was to write


My hands itched for a pencil, a place to scrawl

Could I find one in the wreckage?

Cataclysm, pandemonium for all

A fine aircraft now but a vestige

I stood on shaky limbs, a rag doll of sorts

A mummified man with arms stretched out

Feeling my way towards some type of support

But finding nothing but fog throughout


A small group became more exclusive

As human lives and hearts slipped away

Tragedy, cruel selector, is never elusive

When deciding who goes and who stays

Souls filled the air, bodies filled the plain

As I continued my hunt for words

Smoke filled my lungs, hurt filled my brain

But I refused feeling as I trudged forward


Among the flames I had no friends

Among the cries there was no life

Among the terror only one will transcends:

The overwhelming will to write.

Soon, I prevail, a pencil therein!

Small, charred, but with some lead

Found in the pocket of a mannequin

Lying in a small pool of red


Now here I sit, just ten hours post-bane

Still not quite sure if I am awake

At least my writing has kept me sane

Wait-my pencil is about to b