Productive Week

This past week was probably the busiest one since quarantine began (though that’s probably not saying much) and it felt good to be in a routine with set times for things to do. I hate to wish time away, but I am looking forward to being on the other side of this – whatever that may look like – and I find that having these routines gives my life enough structure that it feels like time is passing by at an appropriate rate, rather than ticking by slowly and monotonously.

One of the things that I am most proud of that came out of this week was my CommAgency team’s hard work. For those that don’t know, CommAgency is Penn State’s student-run video production agency, and where I work as a part-time job. Each semester a team of five members are matched with a paying client who has a video project idea that they want us to bring to life. When we left for spring break, my team had only filmed a few of the interviews that we had scheduled for the semester and we hadn’t gotten the chance yet to film b-roll. For these reasons, it was a really daunting task to create videos for our client without all of the footage that we had intended to get. It was even more daunting of a task to do the editing remotely, because if we had been back at Penn State, we would have been able to meet at the computers in the agency room and go through the editing process together. So, we had to tackle the projects from a different angle. Despite the adjustments, our team was able to create rough cuts of the video and send them to our clients, who were extremely happy with the product, especially in the remote environment. We felt really good about how we made the most of the situation at hand, and even better when our clients expressed their satisfaction.

I also finished the first draft of my thesis this week! It has been a long and effortful process, so it felt really rewarding to put the “Fade to Black. The End.” at the end of the first draft of my screenplay. The screenplay ended up being around 107 pages, which would equate to an approximately 1 hour, 47 minute long movie. Up next comes the editing process, which I know will require a lot of re-writing and re-arranging, but I really do want to make the final draft as good as it can possibly be. I am proud of the story and the work that I have put in, and I want to have a successful and entertaining final product to show for it.

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