Field Trip Experiences

Fall 2017

Washington, D.C.

My first trip with the PLA was during the fall of my sophomore year. We met with guest speakers from all ends of the political spectrum, and enjoyed a wide variety of events, activities, and meals in the United States' political capital.

Spring 2018

Chicago, IL

My second trip was during spring break of my sophomore year, when the PLA traveled to Chicago. Despite the cold weather, this was my favorite trip: full of sightseeing, museums, unique food, interesting speakers, and more time to bond with my PLA class.

Fall 2018

Baltimore, MD

My third and final trip with the PLA was to Baltimore, and it was a weekend packed with new adventures and exploring a unique city. I loved all of the activities and experiences, but my favorite may have been the haunted house I went to with some fellow PLAers!