About Me


Who I Am

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Katie Gergel and I'm excited to share my work with you. Here are some things to know about me...

  • I am an alum of Penn State University in the Schreyer Honors College (a proud member of the PSU cult)
  • But I hail from West Chester, PA
  • My dream job is to write for Saturday Night Live (or some other occupation that would allow me to write jokes about politics)
  • I'm equally competitive playing tennis and Texas Hold 'Em
  • My favorite movie genres are psychological thrillers and cheesy dramas (I'd like to see Christopher Nolan direct a rom-com)
  • And my favorite TV shows are The Office and Game of Thrones
  • Bonus fun fact: I've seen the live-action Scooby Doo movie over 30 times and have absolutely no shame
    • Amendment: maybe a little shame.

Behind the Site

I have a passion for writing. Words have power unlike anything else - the power to build and break relationships, the power to paint pictures and take people on journeys. Words can teach, distract, confuse, clarify, and make you fall in love. But most of all words evoke feeling, and this is the power I strive to harness in everything I write.

I also have a passion for transforming moments into visuals. For capturing instances in life so that they won't be forgotten; so that they won't fade away once the memory frays at the edges. Videos have a different power - to keep these memories strong and to create stories all their own.

In the future I want to make others feel through my words and videos. If I can change one life, one perspective, or even one decision through my own combination of 26 letters or my own compilation of filmed footage, then I'll feel successful.

I hope you enjoy my website, or at the very least can see the passion I put into everything I create.