A Couple of Days Off


This week was very short for me when it came to work, because I only had to go into the Discovery office on Monday and Tuesday. The company gave everyone off on Friday for the Independence Day holiday, and my supervisor told me to take off on Wednesday as well so that I could spend an extra day at home with my family. Like I said in a previous blog post, I am really appreciative of the fact that Discovery puts so much emphasis on maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and that the employees are encouraged to both put in hard work and also make time for their families and personal lives. I appreciated that mindset this week especially, because my family always makes a huge deal out of the 4th of July. Each year, we get together with everyone on my mom’s side of the family at my cousins’ house in upstate New York, and we get to spend a few days together full of fun and quality time. This year was definitely no different!

Monday and Tuesday at work had several meetings and loose ends for me to tie up before diving into the long weekend. Everyone was in such a great mood as the vacation neared, but i don’t think anyone was in a better mood than me! I took the train back to West Chester on Tuesday night, and I was so happy to have some time to spend with my family back home before embarking on yet another journey to pretty middle-of-nowhere New York. We started the trip early on Thursday morning, heading to my grandparents’ house first where we did a hike, sat out and picnicked by a lake, walked around Cooperstown, and then went out for a delicious BBQ dinner. That night we set off for my cousins’ house, and the days that ensued were full of tennis, home-cooked meals, cake decorating, sitting on the porch, going to the farmer’s market, visiting breweries, playing poker, and togetherness. I couldn’t have had a better long weekend, and it just makes me look forward to doing it all again next year!

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